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gamespots review is here!, it has got 8.5, i could not believe it! the most anticipated game of the year and it has 8.5? but IGN game it 9. something soo what you guys think?
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  1. IDK but if its like KOTOR was for the combat, I suspect some people will mark it down for that, even though i liked that system. also, if you read the user reviews, then you'll discover they are almost invariabely marking it higher than gamespot did
  2. i would give it a whirl if it was released for the pc
  3. I have no idea what it is. My friends take about it but I never really paid attention
  4. Seems like some large-scale RPG. I remember seeing a commercial about it with these people in a ship listening to a distress call from this planet, and they choose to ignore it and go help another planet instead. Guess big choices, big battles, etc. hence the "Mass Effect". I really don't know much about it outside the commercials though. :p
  5. am shocked!, really its one of the most anticipated games this year! it was called the best game ever 2 be made!
  6. Just because a game is incredibly anticipated, it doesn't mean that it is going to live up to the hype. I played through the game,(and don't get me wrong it was really fun), but people who say "Game of the Year" or "OMG 10/10!!!" only gave in to the over-hype, and are too mesmerized by the graphics and well-told interactive sci-fi story to notice the obvious flaws. It is definitely one of the better 360 games, but the main story is short, the side quests are repetitive, and combat is limited. I personally would agree with the Gamespot score (somewhere around 8.5). They do usually under-rate games, though. But hey, they have reasonably high standards. I doubt many people would call this the greatest game ever made... even the people that yielded to the hype and let their anticipations get the best of them.

    By the way, I highly recommend playing the game as an Adept.
  7. guys any one who played this game can you please drop your comments?
  8. the person above you clearly has.....
  9. hmm yea that was clear to me, but i need more than one person otherwise i would of not asked( thanks anyway NoIncentive)
  10. The game gets choppy. I read many issues like that.
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