8800GT Guys, what setting are you running Crysis on?

Hello Guys, I WAS able to run the demo on 1680x1050 with 4XAA, but yesterday I was trying to demo again (I have not had time to get the game yet, but I will), but I couldn't run it on that setting!! I don't know why! I had my little cousine playing the demo and I don't know if he had messed up the settings or screwed around with the game, but Now I could run the game on a lot lower resolution and no AA, if I even attempt turning AA on, the FPS would drop to a point where I notice it. I was wondering what the problem is or what setting are you running the game on as far as resolution and AA's, that way I'll know if I am going crazy or something.

My rig, Q6600, 8800GT, 2gb ram, vista, 150gb raptor.
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  1. what quality settings was it on? also, did you cousin have a reason to want to piss you off, and some computer know how?
  2. some were on meduim others were on very high, but I ended up putting it back down to medium or high
  3. very high is 4 top sli 8800 ultra or next gen gpu not 4 one 8800 gt.
  4. are you forcing AA through control panel or the game, when I run the game in DX10 mode (vista default) I can't turn on AA using ingame setting. The GT while powerful, is still no GTX.
  5. ok here goes im running a amd blackbox 6400+ 2gb of ddr2 800mhz corsair xms Galaxy GeForce 8800GT Overclocked ed sapphire 690g mobo xp pro. My scores rez 1440x900 cpu bench all settings on high 46.4 avarge and gpu 49.71 any one eles play on these settings
  6. E6420 Stock
    2 gigs Ram 667
    Asus 8800GT 650/1728/950x2

    I run at 1650x1080 high settings 2x AA in game (my gt is set to "best performance through drivers tho ).

    I dont have fraps but I dont notice much of a difference between the performance when compared to medium. Even during the most intense moments It feels smooth to me. I do however have post processing on medium and water detail on medium.
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