WTB: BFG Tech 9800 GX2

I hope I am posting this in the right place. I've been all over EBay, and it's hard to snag one of these. I know this isn't a popular card, but I have one and now I want 2. Yeah, call me stupid. Please post your best offers. BFG only, plz.
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  1. Well I have one, 9800 BFG GX2
    I like the card, its crazy fast, its just so freakin hot. It is relativly new, about 5 months old, regestered with BFG etc.

    I'll let it go for $300.

    9800 GX2 1GB PCIE CH

    Model: 9800 GX2 1GB PCIE CH
    Serial Number: 0061308057984
    Purchase Date: 01/29/2009
    Purchase Place: NEWEGG.COM
  2. please close thread.
  3. i guess your out of the market?
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