Can my PC handle the Graphics Card?

Right, down to buisness.
At the moment I am playing clan games (mostly Battlefield 2) on a sub-standard PC.
I recently bought 1gb of memory, and am getting 1 more gb soon (making 2gb).
I also would like a new Graphics Card - I had my eye on the GeForce 7600 GT (AGP as I don't have PCIe)
I have an Intel 2.8ghz Pentium 4 Processor which is resonably good for the game I'm playing.
Now my problem is not the memory, but the Graphics Card (I currently have GeForce 5700 LE which is horrible). This card doesn't even meet the minimum requirements even though I've been playing for 3 months.
I suprised it hasn't melted!
My Pavillon 740a has a small power supply, and I'm not sure if it could take the GeForce card I have my eye on.
Any experts out there - 3 questions:
1. Could it take the GeForce 7600 GT?
2. If it can't would it take a 6800 GTS?
3. If it can't take either, what power output should I get?
If looking to spend less than £80 for both card and power.

Now, when I do have 2gb memory, one of the above Graphics cards and 2.8 ghz Intel Pentium 4 processor, will I finally be able to play BF2 on high settings? Thanks.

Thanks for your time. ;)
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  1. How many watts or amps / rail is your PSU rated for? I think you could run those cards with maybe 300-400W w/o much trouble. As for changing the PSU (I know this from experience), you cannot change a standard ATX PSU into an HP case. They use proprietary parts w/ their own dimensions, so you'd have to get some power tools and make it fit. I've also heard some of the Radeon AGP cards are pretty good if you want to consider the ATI route.
  2. thanks for the reply, anyone else have an opinion?
  3. you'll probably find that the 6800 requires a better psu than the 7600gt as the 6800 had a far higher thermal output than the 7600
  4. if you have access to another PC somewhere, compare the physical sizes of the PSU's, then if they are the same, get a PSU of about 400W. Get a good quality one and not a no-name PSU, then you should be alright :)
  5. thanks people, will be gettting the 7600 gt, what do u expect the cost 2 be for both?
  6. You could get one of the X1950/1900 series for AGP that will run that pretty well.

    I fan BF2 on maxed out settings at 1280x1024 with a X850XT in my old system. I just had a 3.4GHz EE P4 and 2GB Corsair. But yours would run it great with any AGP videocard whether it be a Radeon x1k or GeForce 7x.
  7. Quote:
    thanks people, will be gettting the 7600 gt, what do u expect the cost 2 be for both?

    Im guessing in the ballpark of around $150 :heink:

    Any other estimates? :whistle:
  8. i checked out ebay - a sweet £60 for both ($120)
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