What is the fastest you have completed FarCry (or any game)?

FarCry is my favorite game so I've finished it many times, learning new tricks each time. The fastest I've completed the game is 2 days in perhaps 8-10 hours of actual gameplay (sorry didn't keep track exactly). My skill isn't bad but many (younger) folks are a lot better.

Somewhere there is a video of a guy finishing HalfLife in under an hour (WoW)!

So post your best times for your favorite games here!
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  1. Saw that HL video. Not bad.
    Tho the general idea of games (for me) is playing to enjoy, not rush thru missing all the interesting bits.

    HL2.1 and 2.2 were pretty quick to knock over.

    FarCry took me a fair while.
  2. Halo.. 5Hrs, NON-STOP
  3. hella-d said:
    Halo.. 5Hrs, NON-STOP
    Did you get up to pee? or use stims like Bawls?

  4. i beat starfox 64 within about an hour on my first run through! there is a massive amount of replayability though!
  5. err i beat battletanks for the n64 in about an hour, first day i got it. long time ago.
  6. One of my goals is (or was, at least) to beat the original Tomb Raider without dying.

    I've actually made it to the last level on a single life, but I'm not sure it's possible to finish it without dying a few times. Just too many variables in the end.
  7. Quote:
    i beat starfox 64 within about an hour on my first run through!
  8. This may be a little cheap, but I once bet a friend that I could beat Sonic The Hedgehog 2 in less then 5 mins.
    Go directly to last boss and then mashed the pause button to play in slow motion on the boss. This made it take about 30secs longer but guaranteed that I wouldn't die and have to start over. I think my total time was around 3mins.
  9. yes that was pretty cheap lol.

    I always liked to stealth it in farcry and explore every nook and cranny, so I think a week needed mixed in with bf2 gaming.

    I bought a game for the ps1 back in like 1999, about 2:30pm maybe, finished it by 4:30pm ish. It had like 6 levels, was soo p#ssed.
  10. Anyone seen the video where some dude beats super mario 64 in 16 min?
  11. Since your title includes *any game*, my best time to take a WoW toon from 1 to 60 is perhaps 9 played days (that work out to be 9 x 24 hours). I forgot to take down the statistics of my leveling from 60 to 70. But I read from the news that one guy managed to reach from 60 to 70 on the first day of launch in ... just 1 day ...

    ... with the help from 40 ppl in his guild. He had a team of people helping him to finish the mobs that he tagged (so he gained the xp) and another big team of people non-stop running the entry level dungeons to reach a decent level in order to help him finish the near level 70 mobs in the later half of the day.

    Pretty mad things they did back then.
  12. I never finished Far Cry.

    But just because you finish a game fast, it doesn't mean you're really good at games. Some games are way too short. E.g. The Baldur's Gate games take about 100 hours of gameplay - now that's getting your moneys worth!
    Yeah I know not every game can take that long - but I think 10 hours is far too short. All games should take at least 30 hours, IMHO.
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