Farcry 2 OEM for sale (One Copy Left) 1/22/09

1 Copy of Far Cry sold to Pat McGroin for $10 + $5 for shipping.
still have one copy left

I just bought a new PC and Farcry 2 came with my processor I bought. I don't really care for that style of game so I am looking to sell it. I'm pretty sure if I give whoever buys it, the CD Key they can activate the product on Steam and download it from there and save the shipping costs of both of us.

If anyone is interested PM me or reply to this thread. I'll get a pic of the disk tonight when I get off work today.

~Death Dream~
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  1. you can activate it through steam even though you got the dvd version?
  2. you can't activate it through steam. i tried it with my unactivated FC2.
  3. Got another copy with my graphics card now too:

    Well then I guess shipping would be included, thanks for the heads up.

    ~Death Dream~
  4. Added the one on the left side to Ebay with a starting bid of $0.99 and $3.00 in shipping.

    ~Death Dream~
  5. Ill give you $10 plus shipping.
  6. Do you have an instant messenger of choice? If you don't want to do the Ebay thing, which is fine with me, you would get the one on the right side.

    ~Death Dream~
  7. Whats the difference between the 2?
    You can PM me on this forum.
    I check it pretty regular.
  8. The two disks are the same game, but different disk print on the physical disk if you look at the picture. I put the one on the left up on Ebay with a picture of that disk. It would be bad to send them the red one when other one was put on Ebay. The one on the left has English writing on it and the one on the right has a different language on the disk. I never took it out of the sleave but I can check to make sure it starts up in English, but I'm pretty sure it does.

    ~Death Dream~
  9. Yeah I would prefer English.
    Usually if the directions are in English then so is the game.
    If it is go ahead and PM me with your paypal name and Ill send you some money.
  10. I'm going to be busy this New Years Eve/Day and have to go out of town right after work today. I'll check the disk on Friday to make sure it plays in English and let you know. Do you want to go online and make your own shipping label and pay for the shipping that way? Just send me a PDF of the label to print off, or rather me do it? (Don't go printing a label yet lol just asking).

    ~Death Dream~
  11. I have no idea how to do it.
    Its only a dvd. If you have a padded envelope you can just mail it.
    When you PM me Ill give you my info
    And Friday is no problem..
  12. Yeah I got a USPS Postage Envelope that is cardboard. Just going to toss some foam in it to keep it padded. I'll take care of the label then lol. I'll just PM you the cost of the shipping after the label is made so you don't end up paying extra on shipping (I hate when people do that).

    ~Death Dream~
  13. Sounds great Ill keep checking back
  14. Alright just getting back today. Went to check my Ebay listing and it got removed because it is OEM, so in that case I will just give you the one with the English writing on it to be fair since you are the first to be interested. I will still check to see if the other disk plays English later on in the day. I will PM you my PayPal name and we can go from there.

    ~Death Dream~
  15. I got yur PM
  16. 1 Copy of Far Cry sold to Pat McGroin for $10 + $5 for shipping.

    Still have one copy left if anyone is interested.

    ~Death Dream~
  17. Bump
  18. Do you accept paypal? If so PM me.
  19. PM'ed
  20. still available?
  21. Yes it is.
  22. Bumping again - Still have one left..

    ~Death Dream~
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