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Like promised. Today after school and after almost getting a suspension. I went to EBgames and picked up Crysis. I said I was a bit over 18! and the girl believed me! Anyways... $60.41 later. I'm back here and will give my comments on the game at around midnight today. Won't stop playing until then.
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  1. I thought the CAD was now worth more than the USD. Its only $50 here in the states. Oh well, have fun.
  2. I was playing Crysis the other day and said to myself wouldn't it be great to have a "MAXIMUM ADRENALINE" on the nano suit, so the point of that mode is to get a slow motion for a short time (just as happens in real life that you feel that something had last very long but acutually it were just some secs) maybe i am not very explicit but that due my bad english

    I just want to know what do you people think about this?
  3. Played a few hours of the campaign on delta didn't impress that much. Went around and shot some people and tried different approaches great looking game but nothing really stood out
  4. where can i find the editor. I found it on the demo no probem...
  5. you are totally obsessed with crysis, but only for the name hahahahahahahahahahha.
  6. @ Edenruro.

    All a matter of opinion of course. I also would have loved to have the super speed option slow the rest of the environment down around you instead of speeding you up directly. Tho it would have made the game unbalanced and far to easy imo.
  8. @ itotaly.

    Im not sure if the full version it self came with the sandbox mod or not since I already had the demo installed that came with it.

    check this link out


    tells you where to look about 2 paragraphs down I beleive.
  9. If the demo has it... why wont the full has it?
  10. its on the CD afaik and isn't installed as part of the standard install. Hunt around the CD, I think it may be in a folder called Tools.
  11. Well, what did you think of Crysis? I just finished the game and it seemed just OK for several reasons. Some comments depend on what you run the game with so;
    7800GT SLI
    2GB RAM
    Creative X-fi
    1024 x 768 MEDIUM setting except Shadows at LOW and sound at High
    FPS 30-70 range using “r_displayinfo 1”
    HARD difficulty

    First, it didn’t really look as good as FarCry in my eyes, with the same system hardware. OK, I don’t use DX10, just DX9.0c. But, why should a game go BACKWARDS from a previous game using the same type of game engine? It seems it should be at least as good a looking a game at reasonable settings. But it isn’t. I ran Far Cry at “high” at the same resolution, and had better performance and graphical looks. So if you run a modest system, forget about a “super” good-looking game, Just OK. Granted, the physics seem better than far cry, and it isn’t awful looking by any means. I just think it could be better on modest systems. If you never saw FarCry, you’d think different. I’m also not into the too dark to see anything stuff, either, which afflicts this game terribly in too many places. Doom3 was about it for grouping in the dark as far as I’m concerned. I have a have good monitor because I like to SEE things!

    The graphics are confused, too. Why would the precision rifle have blurry and thick as tree trunk scope reticules and no zoom at all where the assault weapon has a crisp set of reticules and 4x plus 10X scope zoom? The wrong weapon is a sniper rifle! The scope is two inches from your face, why is it blurry on the precision rifle and not on the assault rifle? OK, the backgrounds can fad into a fog, but the scope foreground?

    You can’t go prone, or stand up if you’re near anything at all; you just get stuck and died as you try to stand to run to a better vantage point. That got real old and real fast.

    The first half of the game was more fun than the last half, about when you go into the “cave” and go weightless and wander around lost, like that’s “fun”. This is where the writers failed miserably with a good story line. There is no science fiction added to the game to make it “plausible”. Who, what, and where were they from, what were they doing, why were they doing it? In this game, they just “do” with zero explanation(s). They gathered “stuff” from above in the caves, but why? They had a TON of good things to work with. OK, the Koreans tried to gather a new power source for themselves. Great, but the alien side of the story was just not there. Granted, we get the idea the aliens want to destroy the world, or just go after power wherever it may be? Who knows, plenty of sci-fi movies have the creature(s) heading toward the power lines, after all. Were they really at war, or just trying to gather a new power source after their old planet died? I could go on and on, but you get the point. No compelling story line.

    The vertical lift and take-off flying machine section was TERRIBLE! The darn thing was so slow and cumbersome, we SHOULD LOSE with jets like this! That and the jet would stop forward motion and just fall out of the air for no apparent reason. Was it the ice dome plowing me down? Why? Where’s the story line? Eventually, I found that you could fly at essentially treetop level and hug the far side of the valley, away from the ice dome (was that it?), and somehow escape to the carrier. It never felt like “I” was doing anything. The less I did the better. Kill things? Forget about it. If it wasn’t a direct objective, just move on ahead. It was just dumb luck to fly through the valley without sliding backwards and falling into the ground with no reason as to why.

    The carrier episode felt like I was a kid at Burger King that is trying to get from one side of a crayon drawing maze to the other. Either in the carrier itself or on the deck, I seemed to be wandering around hallways or all the strategically placed fire stops and junk lying all over the deck topside. The “magic” gun? OK, how about some explanation on this thing, it only seemed to work at specific locations in the game. I must have gone over and over this ten times before I figured out EXACTLY where to aim the gun to “lock-on”, and only at specific times does it work. Otherwise, you need to use conventional weapons. What weapon ONLY works aimed at specific targets? It doesn’t even use “ammunition” so much as the power from your suit. So what’s with the strange limitations on the gun?

    I think that the developers got tired of this thing and threw it out there after years of hype. OK, it is DX10. So what. The story line makes it have replay character. I’ve played FarCry and Quake 4 several times all the way through. The last half of this game isn’t even worth wading through again, its just too frustrating to deal with the weightless cave maze, the lousy flight characteristics of the jet and the stupid crayon maze carrier level. Me, I’ll play up to the cave entrance, and then quit. In general if you liked FarCry, you’ll love the first half of this game, and probably hate the last half.
  12. I'm stuck at where I have to blow up the box cart (things that block

    the tank parade) But so far. Anyone could tell how to get through it

    would be nice. The story is good. The graphics on highest settings

    1280x1024 at about 20-35 fps. With 4x AA 8800GTX and E6600 2GB

    RAM. Sound is here and there. The feel exactly likee any other game

    that tries to make the world 100% interactive. Maybe 30% of the

    entire of interactive. Dead bodies can't interactive at all. And yes I

    would like be able to grab to bodies and throw it on someone or cut

    them up with my bullets and see the guts. Buildings can stand with

    only 1 pole to support it... that stuff. Tree get cut down good XD. The

    game just isn't immersive, when I play this game I am 100% aware of

    the fact that it's just a game. Gunplay physcis feels really good though

    (no instant hit). The game is a very good game deserves at least 8/10

    but when it comes to Crysis it can just be good. It's gonna be amzaing

    or it's a dissapointment. The interaction with the world is probably

    what bothers me the most. I wanna be able to blow up anything that's

    in my way. Let's see some of the brick building. I plant a c4 take cover

    and boom nothing happens to the buildings. A good thing that has been

    preserved from Far Cry is the jungle warfare factor (love it to death).

    Could've been more weapons. Alot more weapons... I found the editor

    FINALLY! And it does add some fun into the game. Yea... back to the

    game... I don't know how the graphics look compared to Far Cry but

    the texture qualities for the enviroment the guns and enemies are good

    seems incredibly low for a 2007 game. Water is definitely nice though.

    And my english says always double space your essays or I'll give you 0
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