Defective Ea downlaoder = no Crysis ??

Is anyone else having issues with the EAdownloader and Crysis trying to get their legal payed for copy of Crysis.

Looks like this is another Game makers BIOSHOCK embarasement.

I have been trying with their support team over the last 10 days to get it working properly as everytime the dhcp ip changes the file ends at it's incomplete state of 400mb / 999mb etc and having to do this all over again for start.

We have tried 5 pc's with each it's own new formated installed windows legal copy + video driver + network driver and the problem persists. Nothing else. It failed on working updated machines before this as well.

Tried several internet connections / win firewall off / security to low on all 4 of them in internet options = no go file gets corupted during download every time and yes no antivirus software as well.

Several ISP's tech teams tried to get this to work even from inside their server rooms but no luck it fails somewhere during download every time.

Maybe they are just having a bad century as even their online payment system fails on using paypal or credit card and by the 5th or 6th time trying and the 2nd cd key the paypal payment managed to work , tried it on several pc's / internet connections as well.

Can anyone suggest some trick to try to get this Crysis file onto my PC in a legal way ?

Or am I stuck with ilegal torrents to get my payed for copy of Crysis.

PS> does the crysis game actually work or doe sit have as many bugs as the EA downloader ?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. what isp? how fast is ur internet? dsl,cable?
  2. It's okay I got one of the .iso torrents and almost complete , I will just use it.

    EA can just send me the dvd via post or something.


    Several ISP's tech teams tried to get this to work even from inside their server rooms but no luck it fails somewhere during download every time.

    from Adsl to 100Gb/s isp server room connection.
  3. Wow cool the downloaded torrent failed someone posted 6gb of garbage file LOL Just my luck.

    I have tried now for the last 3 days after quiting on EA Games and their Defective EA downloader to get this game and asked several times for a refund. For the 3rd transaction that actually worked via paypal and not for the first failed paypal dew to their website failing to complete it or the 2nd credit card transaction that worked then their system killed it WTF?

    All I get is a new clown from their support site trying to give me the same advice and asking what measure I took to get this fixed that I listed 10+ times as reply's , yet they do not see the 3rd open support request with each of the support request having at least 10+ messages posted on their questions stating the answers.

    What I did:
    I tired 5+ pc's , 5+ isp's from adls / cable modem / 3g / hsdpa / university conenction / 2 isp's with each it;s own 100gbp's connection / their own pc at 1 isp + 5 windows versions + several formated hd + reinstall windows + lan drivers or wifi drivers per pc + video driver on a 20" Imac 2.4ghz core duo / mac min intel core solo / Dell E1705 nvidia 7950gtx core duo / Desktop quad core + 8800gtx / desktop amd 5000+ something with whatever it had likely ati or something and all with the same results.

    I tried all IE versions + activeX + flash + java and same results each time redownloading java / flash / activeX / lan drivers / video driver just in case I messed up or the ISp's techincian messed the install up on the isp's pc.

    Surely they are not this stupid and have figured out by now how to read the messages in their support website or using my login + password I gave to them in the 2nd last reply to login and see for themselves the messages.
    Surely they can find a bug in the EAdownloader ?

    I even reported them to Paypal for this fraud and not refunding me for the game I never received or registered same with the credit card company. They twice had my money imediately so why do i have to wait for them.

    What more can I do go to CNN or Oprah to get them to refund me my money.

    No wonder the game is such a mess.

    Man I am freaking mad about this.
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