Does my System have any Chance of Running Crysis?

I have an Alienware (sigh) with the following specs:

Mobo: P4C800-E
Memory: 2X512MB Corsair XMS
GPU: GeCube Radeon X1950XT (AGP!!)
CPU: Intel P4 3.2GHz Extreme Edition
PSU: Antec 650W Trio

Any chance this could run Crysis? I am not looking to max it out (obviously) but I would like some high detail (no AA though). Am I crazy to even have any hope? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

13Bravo -- USHA!!
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  1. High detail? Yes you are crazy. I'd hope for medium/high mix detail with that configuration for it to remain playable, but one thing I have to stress is not so much the graphics card/eye candy part, but the Physics setting, it changes gameplay a lot due to the interactivity with the environment being reduced to a lot as soon as you go below high. In my opinion, to at least being able to enjoy this game you need physics on high because of the huge impact this setting has over the game.

    The thing that is severely keeping you from enjoying this game is your CPU and then your memory, your graphics card is not too shabby.
  2. Yeah...I was daring to dream! But I knew I was out of my mind. Well, I am planning on keeping my rig for another year or there a non-ridiculous (cost wise) upgrade I can do here? Add another 512 of mem and upgrade the CPU? Only thing, although I haven't researched it, I don't think there is anything I can upgrade too! Not without going with new mobo...which means new everyting!

    Are they any other socket 478 CPU's (or at least I think it is socket 478) above and beyond mine that might work?
  3. if you want to upgrade the cpu, you'll need to upgrade the mobo (to my knowledge) which brings on the ram issues..... but the gfx card isn't bad at all
  4. Your System Is Fine With The Exception Of The Amount Of RAM You Have, In Dx9 Mode In Crysis That Enough To Run The Game At At-Least 800x600 (Possibly 1024X768) w/2xAA And 4xAF, Medium Details With Physics On High Its Well Within The System requrements. If Anyone Had Read The Month Before Lasts Maximum PC Youd Know That.I Would However Increase The Ram To 2GB of DDR-450 and OC A Tad For Extra Performance
  5. download the demo
  6. yes download the demo
  7. The GPU will be fine, however the CPU will struggle, the basic requirement is 2.8Ghz P4 and a 3.2Ghz P4 isn't too far off, so I wouldn't count on physics going any higher than medium at best (And it'll still bottleneck). All I can think of is buy a tuniq tower 120 and some ram (512mb at most) and OC the hell out of it, maybe it'll be fast enough to set it on high...
  8. Echo: Download the demo. I think your PC is quite good. I have played it on mine with everything on high, except shaders and textures on medium at 1280x800. My GFX card is a bit worse than yours (see signature), but while the game runs only between 15-20 FPS, I find it entirely playable. The motion blur when you turn helps. Also, playing on Delta level, I find stealth required a lot, so you pick your positions and your targets deliberately, making the frame rate less important. At least that's the way I play it.
  9. 13bravo said:
    I have an Alienware (sigh) with the following specs:

    GPU: GeCube Radeon X1950XT (AGP!!)

    13Bravo -- USHA!!

    I know everyone is saying you GPU is good but that card only has 256Mb RAM right?? Thats going really bottleneck you for high res. gaming. I've only got a PCIe X1950 Pro in my rig but it is the _512_Mb model. That will run Crysis @1600x1200 with medium. 256Mb is fine if you are running at say 1024x768!!

    You need way more RAM (at least 2Gb) I would reckon...

    If that is a prescott core P4 then they OC like hell but you really need watercooling to cope with all da' heat!! Also they really suffer if the FSB isn't 1:1 between the processor and RAM (because the pipeline is like 35 stages deep in this CPU - so a cache miss on die really hurts!!) You got 2Mb cache on your CPU right? I can run my old 3.2E regular prescott at 3.7Ghz on air (with PC3500 RAM). Hoping to get it up to 4Ghz on water cooling... But the whole rig is going to my sister next year as it is only a power hungry museum piece!! Watercooling will make it easier to upgrade if she needs it later on (or if her electricity bill is too high!!)

    Maybe you could post a 3D Mark 2006 score here just to get an idea how (un)powerful your system is??

    Uhm ever thought of getting a Core 2 Duo?? (thats what I keep telling my flatmates to wind them up :-) Perhaps Santa Clause would help out?? :-)

  10. I just checked it out at close to minimum spec:

    ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB
    Athlon XP2500 Barton
    1GB DDR2

    At 800x600 with everything on low the framerate was pretty good. I could probably even push some settings up to medium and it still be playable. Compared to games released when that was top end hardware, Crysis on low everything still looks amazing.
  11. i suppose the 256 would start to be an issue at 19xicantrememberthesecondnumber res, but im not sure it would really be a problem, are you planning on using AA?
    if my post is incoherent, its cos im tired
  12. A few guys at work have 1950XTX/1900XT's and they run the game all medium settings at 22"+ widescreens, no AA. They have dual core AMD's I believe, the ram is a little low, 2GB is a must nowadays anyway (well if you play BF2 and have vista lol).
  13. I wouldn't count on playing it on medium. My system can BARELY run on medium with playable frame rates. I got a C2D E4500 @ 2.86, 2GB of DDR2 667, ASUS P5K mobo, WD 160GB SATA II HDD. My system is great by all standards, but Crysis is probably the most unoptimized game I've ever come across. But hey, grab the demo and see if you can run medium on anything higher than 10 FPS. And if you get the retail version, I'd seriously consider toning the graphics down when you first come out of the "cave". taxed my system to 8-11 fps. Complete BS if you ask me.
  14. Hi JustinMcG67

    If you system is so great how come my obsolete system blows it away. I am only running a rig with dual Opteron (2x 2.2Ghz single core) and X1950 Pro (512Mb) and I can play the demo at 1600x1200 resolution on medium settings with reasonable FPS (>40)??

  15. bobwya said:
    Hi JustinMcG67

    If you system is so great how come my obsolete system blows it away. I am only running a rig with dual Opteron (2x 2.2Ghz single core) and X1950 Pro (512Mb) and I can play the demo at 1600x1200 resolution on medium settings with reasonable FPS (>40)??


    Would you like a pat on the back?
  16. Justin doesn't have a video card lol, that's how... (or do you have a 1950XT?)
  17. stemnin said:
    Justin doesn't have a video card lol, that's how... (or do you have a 1950XT?)

    No my GPU is a little dated. I ran half the game on medium settings, than once you get out of the "cave" it just took a huge performance hit, thus i had to lower it to low settings to get the playable frame rates i like. I don't consider 20 FPS to be playable, some do, but i don't. But if his PC can do it, than hats off to him. Enjoy the game you spent your money on. I did, only my purchase of Crysis is regrettable at most. However it's justified through The Orange Box and Call of Duty 4. :lol:
  18. 2180: about $100.00 shipped, then over clock it

    GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P35:about $100.00 shipped

    Patriot 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) about $60.00 shipped

    After market cooler of choice $40. to $70. shipped

    8800gt for around $250.00 when avalible or Ati 3750

    For around $500. to $600. you can get a pretty good upgrade
  19. I downloaded the demo last night and almost wet myself! Not only is this game awesome, but my rig was actually able to play it on all medium settings at 1024x768 with AA 2x. I am so happy to be able to play this game and it was so awesome. I'm buying it today.
  20. I was running everything on high at 1440 x 900 on my x1950 pro 256mb no AA and I had playable frames until large fire fights. I'm going to change settings and do some benchmarks to see where I'm at to be accurate. Changing the 3d performance in catalyst to balanced or performance will give you a huge boost but with it set on performance the textures don't look as good everythings darker.
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