Crysis DX 9 vs DX 10

Evening ladies.


So now we have all got past the hype of "wow very high settings on XP"

I would like someone who has a very powerful system (like enough to max it or at least good enough to run it badly on the highest settings just to take some screenys) to take a screeny or two of the same area, in XP AND in Vista. XP with the DX10 hacks etc..

I wanna see if there is anything extra in the environment i.e. more plants, or better lighting.

Since currently I do not know.

I would do it but I don't have Vista atm, and cba to install it just to see.

If noone can do, then I'll reinstall Vista JUST for Crysis -,- lol hahahahaah

If anyone can assist then post a reply here!

Cheers dudes!
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  1. gamespot has it
  2. I HAVE BEEN ASKING THIS SAME QUESTION!!! But noone replys... :pfff:
    umm where on gamespot exactly? that would help... ALOT! Thanks!
  3. gamespot hardware performance guide
  4. Linkz0r?
  5. Cheer ladies, no Vista install for me :P
  6. forget vista! I hope that tread was real!! Anyway xp = same qualty as vista/ except a little bit of lighting(not notice-able) and better performance.. GO XP!
  7. Hey ladies!

    I have been playing on both my Windows XP MCE and my Windows Vista 64 bit and the difference is there...both in performance, but also in how it looks.

    Performance: (I added a few features in both OS such as r_edgeAA and so on)

    In XP, with my specs (See below), I run Crysis at 1440x900/ No AA - and get FPS of anywhere between 18-45 but an overall average of 25 when I'm outdoors.

    In Vista, I run Crysis at 1366x768/No AA, texture=high, and everything else to very high and get FPS of anywhere between 15-28 but an overall average of 22.

    So I find XP a lot smoother and although it's not 60FPS it feels like it...or almost. With Vista, the game feels heavy on my system and it shows that my system is a little under league for this game under DX10.

    Nota: I also found the multiplayer is great when you have 4 gigs in Vista-64 bit...a lot less stuttering when moving around.


    Yes very high is sort of available in XP. Which is great! But it's not a complete compatible transfer.

    I noticed a few differences that makes Vista worthwhile in my opinion.

    The blurring effect being one of them... as we know it is when you move fast and see things in a blur or you also have the blurring effect when looking far away. That is available in XP-VeryHigh but is the cheap version of it (or the DX9 version of it). The DX10 version looks a lot better.

    You'll see the difference while playing all the time once you know it but the best example is in the first cutscene. If you look at the first cutscene, when Prophet is moving his arms and hands quickly, you'll see this blurring type effect is there in DX10 and is not in DX9. The same applies throughout the game when trees are falling beside you, when you get off a moving vehicle and so on.

    Dynamic shadows, water (such as waterfalls), battledust and overall post processing (such as sun rays) and so on are a lot nicer in DX10.

    So visualy, i'll admit that there is not a huge...but a good difference between XP-Vista very high settings.

    If you don't like motion blur then you're in heaven and should stick to XP...kuzz you're only missing out on barelly noticable improved shaders. But if you're like me and like to feel everything moving fast around you then I still recommend Vista-64 bit.

    Unless you have a 8800GTX type GPU or stronger and/or 4gigs of RAM, stick with XP.
  8. You can fiddle with the shadows etc to get them to be sharper in XP, look on the tweakguides above, and the motion blur can be activated in the same way.

    Crysis sometimes seems really well programmed but something really poorly :S
  9. Also I don't get the huge FPS drop???? Vista being ****?
  10. Actually for me... maybe jsut for me. The difference is some of the pics I've seen is HUGE
  11. I can't see a bit a difference
  12. The thing is that you won't see that much of a difference when you compare pictures because it's a paused frame of the game. But I find DX10 makes it feel much more real while playing because of its more pronounced features. Nonetheless, its current framerates are killing that ambiance. Shibby.
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