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OK I'm thinking about a laptop that is decent enough to run cs source because i want one for Christmas but one that isn't 2 expensive so could somebody help???
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  1. Alienware! Kidding... go to your local computer shop and ask them to build it for you
  2. no thanks lol but could an acer or hp laptop run cs source smoothly?
  3. ehhhhhhhhh proably not... any specfic model you got the hots for?
  4. not exactly but i want a laptop not over the top expensive but good enough to run some game that i like to play online such as cs, cs source, half life 2 death match, day of defeat, star wars battlefront, star wars republic commando, guild wars, but good you give me some ideas of some decent laptops to run those games
  5. price range?
  6. between $500 and $750
  7. will do some research but i seriously doubt it
  8. why would it run the games all choppy?
  9. cheney212 said:
    why would it run the games all choppy?

    laptops weren't made for gaming. Especially not HP ones or Acers. Usually they have onboard gfx and crappy CPUs
  10. ya that could work, could u check 2 see if theres any??
  11. well my bro has an acer and plays games like wow and says it runs fine
  12. med settings = fine. low settings = barely playing. bestbuy's laptop i searched and they are crap...
  13. cheney212 said:
    well my bro has an acer and plays games like wow and says it runs fine

    WoW graphics are around 2003 level though... Source games are generally much more complex.

    I have an Acer laptop with craptastic integrated graphics chip and it plays MMOGs like Guild Wars and older FPS games like Call of Duty 1 with no problems, but it can't handle any Source game I tried with a decent frame rate. I ran 3DMark on it and the performance is around Geforce 4 levels, though it does support DX9 shaders unlike the GF4.

    I stick to my desktop system for newer games and only play old ones on the laptop.
  14. Thank you for the support fire! I needed to get the enemy's heads down before I move across the street. As I said before laptops weren't made for gaming most of them are even made for being on 24/7. Most of the gaming laptops usually end up being heavy and basically a desktop
  15. ok
  16. Get dedicated GPU. I have a x1400 256mb dedicated video on my laptop that I bought 18mo. ago and it plays CSS,Wow,Crysis (not on the greatest settings) pretty well. It's not the best situation, but can possibly be done on $750+ laptop. You'd be better off making your own desktop for $450 than getting a $750+ laptop, as far as performance goes.
  17. Dell has a sale on its Vostro Laptops right now.
    Thats the URL to the configurator for a Vostro with XP, you can get one with Vista for the same price. They run $699 for one with a 1.4 GHZ C2D, 2GB RAM and an 8600M GT (256MB version) (you have to go to the Video Card tab and upgrade it). The 8600MGT is a decent mobile gaming card. I would upgrade the processor either later by yourself or when you buy. I would just grab a faster chip from dell. I suggest getting at least a 1.8 GHZ C2D, but the 2GHZ is only $30 more than the 1.8. It'll run you $860 after that but its easily the cheapest you'll get a computer with an 8600MGT.
    The base config has an 8400M which is a dedicated card, but I am not very confident in its gaming abilities.
  18. no body play css ? :??:
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