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So I bought crysis installed ati's hotfix for it played the game and tons of things are flashing such as the trees in the background until i get up close then they stop. I am running windows vista 64 bit ultimate. My system specs are 2x2900 xt, q6600@3gh, 2gb pny 8500 ddr2, intel badaxe 2 mobo, raptor harddrive, creative elite pro sound card. Any clue as to what is causing this and how to fix it? btw all settings medium except for physics and sound at very high with 30-40 fps and some extreme slowdowns every now and then. I am also running it at 2560x1600 resolution.
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  1. turn off post processing heard it helps alot. Hmm probably driver problem
  2. Remove your drivers, with the ati removal tool, reboot and reinstall using 7.11
  3. k i'll give it a go.
  4. have fun with crysis
  5. yeah well you fixed my problem but 1 more thing........ 10 fps. ~_~ I hate this so bad. 2 freakin video cards and i get 10 fps with all settings on medium except sound and physics which are very high at 4 megapixel resolution. The demo gave me 10 with everything on high and the same resolution. but w/e.
  6. Because: 2560x1600 is HUGE

    You are probably getting what you should get o.O

    Sell your 2900XTs and buy 2x 8800GTs or 2x 8800 GTS <b>SSC Editions [important they are these ones!]</b>, probably the latter is better for you.

    Or 2x 8800 Ultra.

    Or..if you lower the res to about 1440*900 you can play all max, no AA

    Oh and disable AA if you have it enabled

    Don't expect anything more than 30 FPS even with overclocked 8800 Ultras...

    Seriously o.O

    I run Crysis with 1x 8800 GTS massively OCd at about 35FPS all max no AA at 1280x1024, so your 2x XTs are about 150% of the performance of mine, and so you should be able to run the game at my settings at about 50fps.

    Since you are running at 3.125x the resolution. you should be running at 50/3.125 fps which is 16. If you are running DX10 max on Vista expect about 10.

    Sorry to kick you in the balls. But seriously, SELL YOUR 2900XTs AND GET 2X 8800GT/8800GTS SSC EDITION AND THEN OVERCLOCK THEM. THEN EXPECT ABOUT 25 MAX ON XP.

    I don't think you quite get how BIG your resolution is...

    Hope that helps.
  7. 2560x1600 what did you expect...
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