Nforce2 or KT400 GOOD GOD WHICH ONE?!?!

After much deliberation I just finally decided I was going to get the Epox EP-8K9A2+ or the Soyo KT400 Dragon Ultra, but then I realized I forgot to take the new Asus and Epox Nforce2 boards in to consideration. I plan on using pc2700 so the ddr400 issue is of no significance to me. Speed, reliability, and to a lesser extent, overclocking are the important factors. I also will be using a Radeon 9700 pro with the new board and don't know if Nvidia may have snuck some sneaky sabotage [-peep-] in their chips so ppl have to use their graphics card...thought I'm probably just being paranoid there. As THG is yet to compare the 2 chipsets I would be grateful for any info anyone could give on this matter.
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  1. Speed, reliability, and to a lesser extent, overclocking are the important factors

    mean that you should buy a intel.

    Now what to do??
  2. I've pretty much got my mind made up on getting an AMD system. I would rather support AMD and pay their lesser prices than Intel, plus it's just a matter of personal preference.
    Thanks though
  3. Well get the 8k5a2 then!
    Since you dont need PC3200.

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  4. So pc3200 is the only real advantage to the Nforce2?
  5. Not exactly.
    From all benchmarks ive seen the KT333 is better than the KT400, but the nforce2 seems to have a more efficient memory controller, giving better results for those tests that need memory bandwidth, especially with 2 sticks.

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  6. I would go with the nforce2, KT400 seems to just be a load of crap. Plus if you're interested in the onboard sound or LAN, both of those are fabulous on the nforce2. And I really doubt you have to worry about any sabotage.

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  7. Thank u for the imput fellas!
  8. Dual channel DDR333/DDR400 is advantage of nForce2.

    333 MHz FSB AXP's benefit from nForce2's dual channel memory controller. There is no difference between dual channel DDR333 and Dual channel DDR400 in nForce2.

    Wait for nForce2 and use 2 DDR333 memory modules.

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  10. i suggest you check out the mainboard part on this site

    if your going with AMD than the NFORCE 2 is the way to go imo and not only mine just read the article and also the one on "XP 2800+ and Nforce 2 travelling trough time"

    anyway this nforce2 gives you dual channel ddr and for ddr333 that d be something like 4gb in memory bandwith

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  11. First of all, Soyo wanted $15 for the same warranty service Abit does for free, and that's under Soyo's "free replacement" warranty, it's a "handling" fee. Like I want to pay somebody to put their hands on my board when Abit will molest my boards for free!

    Anyway, I've been complaining for years about VIA bugs. They get smaller but they still persist. When I first came to this forum, few of the members knew anything about it, but I think my screaming and the presses exposure has helped a few others to get off the VIA train to hell.

    Anyway, Tom's published a test today that showed the nForce2 clearly supperior in all benchmarks. I'm not a big nVidia fan, but it's clearly the lesser of two evils, and their chip supports a very nice set of features.

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  12. What if one just wants to use 1 stick of PC2700 DDR 512 ram? Is it better to use 2 sticks with this dual channel or will I not see a difference if I just use one stick?

    Todd F.

    Todd F.
  13. One Stick will do fine but two will give the best performance.
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