Crysis Wars, World in Crysis?

Crysis was announced to be the first game in a trilogy by Crytek.[6] It is expected that the sequel will continue where the first game ended. In addition to seeking a United States trademark on the name Crysis,[36] Crytek is seeking to trademark the names Crysis Wars[37] and World in Crysis.[38]

I'm not sure if those are the names of the 2 sequels, but I had to laugh, Halo Wars (I think it's called) - Crysis Wars and World in Conflict - World in Crysis, both halo wars and WiConflict are RTS's....
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  1. Wasn't "World in Crisis" the name of Strong Bad's local TV News show?
  2. who lol, i heard that name before....
  3. combination of Halo Wars and World in Conflict
  4. Strong Bad, Homestar Runners funniest character. He answers emails from people.

    Not watched it in years, but scroll down to between half way and the bottom 3rd, and check out:
    "Local News"
    "Dangeresque 3"
    and "Caffiene"

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