no mass effect for pc?

What i don't get is why microsoft decided to put out mass effect just for the xbox360 my pc has so much more power and i don't get the red ring of death like all my friends that have an xbox360 one is on his 4th box already and im still on my 1st ps3.

This year has been kind of a bust for pc games sure mass effect is kind of like a fps but i don't like fps so either its rpg, adventure or rts not much out really this year.
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  1. M$ owns bioware, make exclusive halo looking game for xbox, I haven't played the game, so I can't say it plays like it, but imo it looks like halo, that alien dude looks like arbiter or whatever so much.
  2. Wasn't that great of a game anyways
  3. Well they also said that Halo was Xbox exclusive aswell...
  4. couldve stayed that way lol... (I did like halo on xbox)
  5. although, rpg type games (Im not quite sure what mass effect is but its got lots of customisable equipment) are usually the province of PC's...
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