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Ok so heres the story, I've had this toshiba satellite a505 s6005 for about 8 months and nothing has been wrong with it untill a week ago when i started getting weird internet explorer pop us in firefox then my computer would crash and say something like memory management in the blue screen, so before i thought about anything i decided to do restore to factory out of the box and well thats where i have a problem now.. SO i went into the disk management and saw that i had a recovery partition so i thought that when i went therough the process of out of box restore that it would just use that recovery partition and restore everything well i got the error code 10-fc12-021 then it restarted and did it again then i got this error code f3 f200 0002 . and since i do not have the installation cd for windows 7 since they did not give me a copy i borrowed a friends copy since i have a key and all. and well i got another error while in the expanding part of the install the error is 0x80070570...any help will be good..and im also doing a memtest right now and so far i have over 162100 errors so im wondering if its my memory that is causing me to not be able to install windows
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