rokzorz my soxzorz!

Hello all,

I needed to find out if anyone has heard anything about downloads for GH:III for the PC? My xbox360 owning friends are giving me grief nonstop regarding all the fancy stuff they can download and I am waiting patiently for something in the mod community to come forward but so far...nothing.

If anyone can shed light on this subject, it would be much literally :bounce: waiting to add custom songs to my list...I am in the mood for some Trans-Siberian Orchestra :D
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  1. There's apparently a certain level of paranoid freakout about downloadable music content on the PC. Guitar Hero doesn't want to be "mod friendly".

    A well placed google search around the concept of simulating, or a look into simalicrums of Konami's work on the topic will give you things that will make your 360 wielding friends bow their heads in shame. Yes, even Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

    This is all I will say on the subject.
  2. i have searched to my little hears fulfillment and nothing...i PM'd you for more sensitive information :D
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