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Recommend me a good shooter that is rated T for teen. I don't want anything rated M. I would prefer it a 3'rd person shooter but first will do. What about battlefield 2? Will battlefield 2 run on my pc? I know the rest of my specs are more than powerful enough, except for my intergrated 6150 SE :fou: Would it still run? at 1280x1024 or 1024x768. would prefer 1680x1050......

(Im debating either for a 8600 gt/gts or 8800 gt)


(oh yeah and I want it to have an online multiplayer too) :)
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  1. BF2 may run on the integrated chip, but I don't imagine that it would be too pretty. I think 1680x1050 is a little bit out of the reach of that 6150.

    If you do decide to ugprade your card, I suggest the 3850 ($179) or the 3870 ($270) over the 8600 gt/gts. If you can get it though, the 8800GT would be the best.
  2. If I go as high as $179 bucks. Ill put it into the 8800 GT :)

    And im not trying to start a war but........ im thinking that ill stick with Nvidia for now. They seem to be more reliable :??: And don't consume as much power? maybe? :whistle:
  3. new ati cards don't comsume much power in fact i think they consume less than nvidia
    Hd3850=Budget good performance
    Hd3870=If you don't find a 8800gt
    8800gt= the best!!! if you can find it

    hope it helps
  4. Quote:
    i think

    You think? :??: Link please! Proof I need proof......Gasp! pprrroooooffff....... :p
  5. integrated will be bad, I read some fan forums of games like bf2, and alot of people try playing it on that integrated card but can't really.. I had a 6200 NOT integrated and it ran decently low..

    but yeah, a third person shooter.. on the pc.. good luck, I can't think of any..
  6. For BF2, you won't need a state-of-the-art graphics card. I have a friend with an x1300 (xt i think) that plays BF2 and BF2142 (which is an AWESOME multiplayer game btw) really well. You could easily get away with using old tech (7 series nvidia or X1000 series ATI) and save some dough. But like previous users have said, if your gonna spend around $170, go with the 3850...excellent price/performance ratio card that will certainly last you.
  7. Ok thanks for your advice! :D
  8. It's a bit of an older title, but Swat 4 is still a great game, especially if you like online co-op.
  9. Get Half Life 1. It is an awesome FPS, one of the best every, just check any review site. And it should run on your system no problem. Plus it was released in 1998, so it is cheap. But like I said it is still a very fun FPS. I would say get Alien vs. Preditor 2, but that is rated M. Another fun and very scary game(Marine campaign). Running around as a face hugger so great. It was released in 2001, so it would run on your system.
  10. if I were you, I'd get an x1950 of some type if possible (they'll run bf2 on max, and they're probably pretty cheap nowadays with the 8800gt and things out)
  11. Well I have vista so I think I wanna DX 10 card ;) Thanks anyway :D I realize that a lower end DX10 card won't give me enough performence in DX10 games. But I am not looking for a card to totaly max out everything. I won't go above 1680x1050 or 4XAA and 8xAF. But I'll go check out the ATI 3000's and see how good they are. I will probably game under 1680x1050 res's. Thanks!
  12. Quote:
    It's a bit of an older title, but Swat 4 is still a great game, especially if you like online co-op

    Isn't Swat 4 rated M? And I would prefer a newer title but thanks for the suggestion!

    but yeah, a third person shooter.. on the pc.. good luck, I can't think of any

    I can't either. All the vids I saw of Lost Planet looked repetitive. Run... shoot the thing a million times.......blow it around some more........repeat.......etc.etc :sleep:
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