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what do you do in COD 4 multiplayer?
what is people's honest opinion of said multiplayer segment of a game?
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  1. COD4 Multiplayer is really great. You gain XP by playing, and as you "level up" you earn new weapons and achievements. Achievements allow you to get more attachments for each of your guns. (Ex. New camo or scope) I think once you play you'll get addicted.

    My honest opinion on the game: I love it, especially multiplayer. The unlockables just added to the experience. There are like 5? (this if off the top of my head) game modes as well, and each of them are pretty unique and fun in their own way. My only problem with this game is that I wish there was a few larger maps for sniping or more players. I say this because some maps don't play well with 32+ players... they're just too small.
  2. Multiplayer is a lot of fun.

    You got the unlocks and create a class that help add even more fun.

    The hardcore is great for a quick easy realism mod for people who ever got into the realism mods on CoD.

    Full servers with 32 people on the stock maps can be a bit much, if you find it is overwhelming, try and 20 person server.

    Overall great game!
  3. I've got my multiplayer account to 3 star general.

    1: I'm not sure what you mean by "What do you do".

    2: Multiplayer is a bit sniper unfriendly and cramped, but tasty.

    Maybe I should get Ben to put more of the multiplayer game action into a video.
  4. Fast and fun. Somewhat CS paced, without the bunnyhoping and uber weaponswitch binds. If you enjoy faster and loud gameplay COD4 has it. If you like tactical you will not like this one.
  5. Trialsking said:
    If you like tactical you will not like this one.

    Thats not entirley true, go to a hardcore S&D server and you get a more tactical slower paced game.
  6. i usually just play with my friends and have fun.
  8. If you playin multiplayer you gotta go hardcore, tis the only way!
  9. It is fun but lacks depth IMO. It is good if you crave a fast paced gun fest. My fav is if you can get into a good sniper game. The sniper rifles are pretty sweet along with the camo gear you get. The maps seem kind of small though when you get 30+ people in there.

    I know it is pretty dead, but I still prefer BF2142 when it comes down to a good multi player FPS with some structure and larger maps. L4D is growing on me but there aren't too many maps to choose from.

    COD4 is a bit more solo style, shoot and spawn to rack up points sort of game. There are team work style multiplayer modes but still mostly ends up every man for himself. Good entertainment though.
  10. Fun for a bit, but gets old fast. Choppers are too overpowered, and overall, it feels like CSS too much...
  11. Love it, if there was hardcore domination I would still be playing. Alas, L4D owns my soul (can't wait for new maps though).
  12. >_>
  13. COD1 had the best maps, hands down. Powcamp, ship, pavlov, and so much more were epic but taken out in COD2, and of course COD4 is the black sheep of the family. COD5 maps are a little too big, and the bolt rifles are WAY to underpowered.
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