Cannot reinstall a video game?

A friend of mine is trying to reinstall a game and they run into an issue where the computer says it can't install it since it's already installed. This, however, isn't true. The program was uninstalled from Add/Remove Programs, the program files were deleted, and the related registry keys found were deleted. Rebooting after that results in the same error.

Does anyone have an idea about how to go about fixing this besides reformatting? Or perhaps a workaround even if it's not perfect?


(The game is FFXI, for those interested)
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  1. Well you seem to have already looked at the registry. In registry, you normally have 2 keys where you'll find software branches...make sure you look into both (if you haven't done so already).

    If you have removed the program from (add/remove) in control panel. You still have 2 places to check.

    - In program files (i.e. C:-Program Files-Electronic Arts-game name)

    - My documents...the game folder (save it somewhere else if you want to save your games for now at least and delete that folder.

    If none of these work or if you have already looked into it then I really don't know :(

    Good luck!
  2. curious, what game is it?
  3. stemnin said:
    curious, what game is it?

    I think the answer is at the bottom of the OP :)
  4. lol oops

    the only thing i found was something about a dude having the american version and then trying to install a english european version (I assume after uninstalling american version or for some upgrade idk).
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