81hxp - bios upgd - @bios??

what's the best method to upgrade bios on gigabyte 81hxp?
- using the @bios utility?
- q-flash?
- boot normal and load from a floppy? (del then F8)
- or boot from floppy and load from floppy?
(os = xp pro)

Appreciate opinions and experiences -- thanks
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  1. Do the flash using the software in the bios. As far as I can tell it makes no diffrence what method you use but this saves making a boot disk since all you need do is stick the *.bin file on the floppy.

    Does the latest bios let you lock the PCI/AGP bus speeds when overclocking? I have not put it on yet since I dont have a floppy and cant be botherd to put one in the computer unless there is a worth while gain.

    Now thats what I want to know!
  2. Did like you said - worked fine and quick thanks!

    I did not see any additions to the bios variables. Haven't used easy tune yet might be something in there (doubt it)

    I just added the Ati 9700 pro - so like you I am too busy trying get the board and it to perform. Hence the bios upgrade (and all the drivers for the ati) I am getting to the point I want get my money back on the ATI (this is my second one)

    After a couple of days I do see (think I do) more stability and it seems faster plus the ati seems to perform a bit better. Is the upgrade worth the bother - for the few minutes it probably is.

    Thanks again
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