Soyo Motherboard-Good Choice Or Bad Choice

I'am looking to put a new motherboard and CPU together I found this at
Soyo K7VTA-Pro KT133A Socket A ATX Motherboard w/ AMD Athlon XP 1700+ & CPU Fan
Chipset:VIA KT-133A + 686B AGP chipset for about $170.00
What I'm wondering is,is this board & chipset fairly new to the market,and if there is anyone out there with any experiences with this board good or bad please let me know.
Also any new suggestions on a different board for about the same price would be welcome.Its not that I'm tight or anything just thought it would be smarter and easier on the pocket-book to start with a cheaper board the first time around.Also does these board CPU combinations come pre assembled with the processor on the board already?
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  1. That price isn't the greatest. I got my msi kt266a pro 2 with 1700xp retail boxed for only $99.95 at Fry's. I'd feel more comformatable getting a board and cpu at newegg and spending a few dollars more for their service. The kt133a is an old chipset that is still used for sdram. Sdram is pretty cheap right now, but not a solution for the long run. I would call Tiger direct about the pre-assembly.
  2. Thanks for the post I have been reading around in here a little and I saw on a few post that the VIA chipset might not be the best to go with. And thanks for letting me know about the oldness of the kt133a, I would like to go with a newer chipset just hope I can find one that supports SDRAM memory.
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