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i am currently stuck in the level-relic--roamed about the whole map and i've killed anything and everything that moves(frogs birds chickens fish insects) sick and tired of waiting for the damn vtol to land!!! its dark its cold and i am frustrated waiting in the graveyard for the dumb thing to arrive!!! help me out --the objective on the map says-clear landing area for the vtol--do i blow up the trees?? i even removed them twigs in the clearing-made it look spic and span!! i killed those nano-suit wearing koreans -4 of them i guess.diffeiculty level--normal.
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  1. very common bug. Not sure if they found a way around. Start again from a save earlier in the level and do things slightly differently.
  2. do you use quick save/load? it seems to **** the game.
  3. yep i used a quick save to load the last checkpoint.tht's why something went wrong??
    damn crytek! they create a game which wont run properly even afte ru pour ur savings into a video card and then buggy and shoddy coding!
  4. I know atleast 3 ppl that use quick save/load and have problems with objectives not updating, going through walls (on the carrier), and more.
  5. yep - reloading the last checkpoint idea worked!! finished boarding the vtol gave them koreans some hell then! nice game!
  6. there's suppost to be a patch soon.. I remember reading about one coming yesterday can't remember what it said though lol
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