FS: E6750, PCP&C 610w PSU, ATI 3850, 4GB Ram

I just upgraded my dad's machine and have these parts laying around. The video card and processor have never been overclocked and have been run at stock voltages etc. The PSU, Processor, and Vid Card are less than 1 year old, the ram is ~ 2 years old. Please PM or reply to the post with your best offer. Thanks.

Intel e6750 w Stock HSF & Manual @$75
Diamond ATI 3850 256 MB Video Card w/ Crossfire Link. Manual, Driver CD @$50
PC Power & Cooling 610w Silencer PSU, Manual @$50
4 x 1GB DDR2-800 Samsung 5-5-5-12 Ram @$15
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  1. Im interested in the video card. Can we clarify that it is, indeed, a 3850 at $20???
  2. oops, sorry, i mean to put $50. but make me an offer.
  3. Can I buy the CPU right away please? It is fully functional, correct? If I find it to be DOA (hopefully not), I can return it, correct?
  4. Yes, I can sell the CPU, shipping tomorrow via USPS for $5 to CONUS. If you find it to be DOA, which it shouldn't be, I will guarantee return.
  5. Unfortunately, I found out the CPU wasn't compatible with my motherboard (the Intel e6700 is, though). I would have easily grabbed it because of the low price. If you sell it on eBay, you will EASILY receive $100 on it excluding shipping and handling. To give you an idea: a used Intel e6400 is sold for an average of about $95 on eBay.
  6. Ill take that processor. Call me 301-643-6086. I'll buy that sucker right now.
  7. sorry, it was sold on the 28th
  8. i'll take it all
  9. Hi, I am interested in the ps and memory. PM me if you still have them.
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