Check out Gamespot's review of Kane & Lynch!

Wow this is funny. Aparently the author got fired for crapping on this game so hard!! (reports bit-tech). The thing that I find funny is almost all of the around 600 user reviews rated it a 1.0!!!

This is bad PR for Edios--and not good for KAne and Lynch either!!!
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  1. The complete story isn't known yet, but seeing this makes me thankful that I work at a place where, as long as you've got your facts correct, and complete, you can smash a bad product with a hammer, and still have it go up on video.

    I keep this sort of thing in mind, whenever I see someone say "But XXX gave it a 8-10!"
  2. Hey dont you work at Tom's? Didn't you do the voice over on Crysis jackassery?

    you can smash a bad product with a hammer

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