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I have a PC I bought from Micron, amd1200 and I want to upgrade the CPU. The Micron salesman told me that Micron is doing some changes to the mobos. the mobo is called "Aurora - Gigabyte 7DX Motherboard with Integrated Components (Millennia® Max XP)" I tried MicronPC web site. It doesn't say what are the upgrade options.
How can I find out what are my options?
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  1. Check out the gigabyte website, then bios updates. If you've never flashed a bios, there's plenty of info to help you. If your 7dx mobo has the kt133 chipset, you may be limited to 200 fsb athlons only.
  2. Keep it that way...

    realy. I checked out your board on Gigabyte's site and you don't have much room for improvement CPU-wise.

    on the other hand, it looks like you have an AGP 4X slot on it and I don't know about how much RAM you have now.

    but getting it up to 512 Meg of RAM and/or adding a good AGP card like a Radeon 9000 or 8500 even a 7500 or GF2 would most likely relieve some of you're pain and keep you're system running for a year or two depending on what you use it for...
  3. Thanks,

    Will I see any improvement by going to 512MB?
    How about faster cards? 9500-9700?
  4. from 256 yes, from 128 It's like having a brand new PC again!

    the faster Graphics cards may be interesting but at that price, you may as well change your harddrive, MOBO and CPU as well!

    as a general rule, you can say that a PC is as slow or as fast as it's slowest part. So going High performance on one component and cheap on another doesn't make much sense... I would get a Graphics card that's within the same range as the overall system.

    You see, to get all the benefits from the Fastest Radeons and GFs you also need the fastest CPU, Chipset, RAM and Hard drive... it depends on how you use it but I would say that your system is around the middle of it's life.
  5. Get at least 256 MB RAM, and a better video card.

    Don't get 512 MB RAM and keep the same video card.
  6. that's what I also think don't go overboard on only one aspect. Your onboard video is probably the first thing I would upgrade, and of course 256 Megs is the absolute minimum with Win2K and XP. For WIN98 you can get by with 128.

    wait a sec... there is no on-board video on that board what am I saying?

    can you please post your full system description and tell us a bit more about what you use it for?
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  7. OK, I cross-checked on the VGA board to get your config, so you have a GF2MX200, and 256M RAM...

    Your primary concern should be your Video card we're looking at a 8500 or 9000 but not 9500 or 9700 unless you plan on a new MOBO/RAM/CPU combo in 2003.

    the additional RAM could be neat but it's not like you NEED it since you have the mandatory 256.
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