FS: SYSTEM, E8400, 780i, 9800GTX, 4GB, 750W

Getting ready to build a new system from scratch...selling my current system complete less monitor.

Raidmax SMILODON mid tower...Black with Silver accents.
XFX 780i mobo
E8400 3.0ghz (never overclocked!)
ASUS Silent Knight II CPU cooler
(2) Western Digital Caviar 500GB HDD, 7200rpm (RAID 0)
XFX 9800 GTX Black Edition
Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 <4GB>
Pioneer DVR213LS Dual Layer 20x DVD burner
Linksys PCI Wireless N adapter
Corsair PSU 750w, SLI ready, 1 12v rail with 60amp capacity...(READ: overclocker's)
Silverstone LCD fan controller (5.25" bay)
All-In-One Multi Card reader installed in 3.5" bay
Logitech G11 gaming keyboard (backlit keys)
Kensington wireless optical 5 button mouse

All items purchased brand new and assembled by me in March of 2008. System has never been overclocked! Running Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit.

I spent close to $2500 putting this system together, please keep that in mind when PM'ing your offer. I know about depreciation, so I am not asking anywhere near retail....just be considerate and fair and lets see if we can make a deal. Thanks
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  1. 600 quid?
  2. The fact of the matter is...most of us here build our own systems, so it's impossible to keep in mind that you spent $2500 on this system. In fact, it boggles my mind that you paid $2500 and doesn't include a monitor! Are you serious?!?!

    Seriously, check your math! Without checking, I'm pretty sure I could reproduce these components on Newegg for under $1000. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Tom's members are way too smart for this. Try Ebay.
  3. Toms members are way to smart for what? You make it sound as if I am trying to scam someone geez. FYI...I too can put this system together for cheaper than when I first built can ANYONE who builds systems! I think you need to read into my post a little better, I never said it is WORTH $2500 at today's prices....(and for the record that DID include a monitor...a 24" HD monitor)...however as my add says, the monitor is NOT included in the sale. What boggles MY mind, is the fact that there are still people out there that just HAVE to say negative things. If ya don't like what I am offering, DRIVE THRU! Thanks.

    P.S., This add was more geared towards someone who may NOT know how to build a system, but instead looking for a nice setup that is already tried and true.
  4. I'm glad we got that cleared up. Feel better now?

    Beep Beep! :lol:
  5. depreciation sucks.... maybe i should just lease a high end system ! LOLz
  6. Are you willing to part it out or are you just in for a full system sale?
  7. Part it out if you have the will definitely make an extra $150-$350 that way.
  8. I'd prolly be interested in the cpu if you had a good price
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