BFG GeForce GTX 260 OCX MAXCORE for 280$ shipped

Ok guys i am selling my BGF gtx 260 less than two months, Ordered it on 11/30/08 from tigerdirect. Tigerdirect is selling it for $314.99 and newegg 319.99 plus tax.
The video card is in great condition, i never open the heatsink. Here is the link of the card
My new mobo supports crossfire, i can't do sli thats why i am selling this card. If you are interested please PM me ASAP thank you!!
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  1. Check Neweggs prices. They're cheaper than yours. They have went up though. I paid $249 for the same card at Newegg that I bought on the 18th, with FarCry 2 included as well. It was free shipping also.
  2. Ditto.
  3. I bought a GTX 260 Core 192 SSC (1264-AR) for $170 + shipping w/Farcry 2 (sold for $20)...
  4. i sold it on ebay weeeeeeeee
  5. K THX BYE!
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