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I have dual widescreen 19" monitors (samsung 931bw).

i cant seem to get the dual monitor function working with counterstrike. i go under the video options but there are only 3 resolution options, all being widescreen single monitor resolutions.

im running vista 64x, not sure what more information would be useful but i would really love any tips you may have to offer, thanks!
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  1. how have you got the monitors set up?
    dual vision, horizontal desktop or clone?
    though to be honest I dont know what you mean by dual monitor function, since I didnt know counterstrike even had multimonitor support
  2. thanks for your reply.

    i believe im running a horizontal desktop? basically i got my desktop spanned across two monitors.

    i believe counterstrike can be played on dual monitor settings where your crosshair is split between the middle of your dual monitors and you have a wider vision of everything.

    i do realize its useless because its so hard to see things when your main focus is split down the middle, but in the future id like to grab a third monitor, basically giving me a real good panned view of everything. as for now, i just wanna try out the dual monitor settings =)

    also im curious, what is a dual vision setup?
  3. dual vison is where you have 2 desktops that can be different resolutions, however they act as different monitors, rather then having a single span and it being split down the middle. Though the thing with having dual vision is that it will display your games in just your primary monitor, wheter this is a bad thing or not is up to question.
    I think that if you want to use the horizontal span to try to play the game you have to change ini files to chane the Field of vision and the resolution yourself. check out www.widescreengamingforum.com, it should have your answer
  4. try the Matrox Dualhead2go

    research for more info, all i know is its a gadget that joins 2 monitors as one and your graphics card just runs one "big" monitor


    some links, for analog version (VGA):


    for digital version (DVI):




    if you want 3 monitors later, you would have to buy the matrox triplehead2go, so i dont think buying this one temporarily is a good idea unless your confident you can sell it later
  5. I bought the triple head to go after reading the info from wide screen gaming forum. They also have a review on an ergotech triple horizontal stand wich looks really sweet. Anyone buy this yet?


    I was also looking at the chief duals.

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