am I getting the fps I should be in Crysis?

My crysis settings are all medium except for physics which is very high and sound which is high. I am also running the game at 2560x1600 resolution. I dont have any AA or AF on. I have 2 2900xt's 512 mb sapphire. q6600@3ghz, 2 gb pny pc2 8500 ram, intel badaxe 2 mobo, raptor 150 gb hd, and creative xfi elite pro. I get 14 fps in the game. Is that right? I would think I should be able to get 30 with these settings.
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  1. at that resolution? and with crysis? I think OC'd 8800 ultras would struggle....
    oh, sorry, i just noticed that its on medium settings.... in that case, I'm not so sure (I still wouldn't put it past crysis to eat performance though)
    make sure crossfire is enabled, and get the most recent drivers
  2. I have the latest drivers and cf is enabled. I am going to try to disable crossfire and see how it runs! Thanks for the help btw.
  3. 14 sounds about right.
  4. It's Crysis...the most unoptimized, and non-scalable game to date. Of course 14 FPS is to be expected with a Gawd-like system. It's Crysis after all...
  5. AFAIK crossfire shows no gains in Crysis right now. SLI isn't working well either. There is suposed to be a game patch real soon and fixing multi gpu's better be included.
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