PS3 on computer monitor?

I just tried to set this up, but it doesn't seem to want to work. I bought a DVI to HDMI adapter, so there's the HDMI going from my monitor to my PS3, then i just have analog going to my computer. I switch inputs and it says

Out of Range
67.5 kHz / 60 Hz

and there's just that with a black screen. How do I fix this?

Also, I have an optical cable going from my PS3 into my computer, and I was wondering if I could set that as input, so that I could play it through my comp speakers. If so, how do I do that? Thanks

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  1. does your monitor even support HDMI signal? It supports digital since it has a DVI port but unless it actually supports HDMI your out of luck. This is because HDMI is actually an encripted format, and require a signal decoder.
  2. Since Toms is deciding to be a f*cktard when it comes to editing messages I have to post again, anyway
    What motherboard do you have?
    Some motherboards support SP/DIF input some dont. I know mine does support SP/DIF input, but not with an optical cable, only with RCA.
    I would advise you google your motherboard with the words SPDIF OPTICAL and PASSTHROUGH, and see what you come up with.
  3. I'm not sure if my monitor supports HDMI. I just came to the assumption that if there was an adapter (which I have) it would work.
    My motherboard is an Asus P5K-e/Wiki-AP.


    Crap, from what I saw it only acts as input =[
  4. I think with monitors you are looking for HDCP compatibility in order to use the HDMI to DVI adapter. Do you have a spare TV that you can use to configure your video settings in the PS3? You should be able to configure it to at least get a signal to the monitor. Though you may not be able to output 1080p. I don't have a PS3 so I can't check for you.
  5. Ya I got a 46" Sharp Aquos, by my stepdad doesn't want me using it... I'm probably buying a new TV next summer for myself, but I just wanted something until then. What settings would I need to change?

  6. What kind of monitor do you have?

    If it doesn't support HDCP you will not be able to use it with the PS3. A monitor doesn't need to specifically support HDMI, it only needs to support digital input with HDCP. You also have to try different resolutions with the PS3. If you had the PS3 set up for 1080i or p it will not work on your monitor unless it's a 24" monitor.

    If you don't have speakers that can decode dolby digital or DTS, your motherboard will not be able to accept the PS3 output via optical or co-axial SPDIF cable and output it to the speakers. You will have to use the A/V cable with the PS3 and somehow convert the left and right output into a headphone jack (with a RCA to headphone conversion cable) and output that into the motherboard line in.

  7. I am having the same problem. I have a spare tv and my computer monitor is 19". I hooked them up with a HDMI to DVI cable and the monitor says "out of range". The ps3 only has one option for HDMI and doesnt let me configure the settings for HDMI since the spare tv i am using to connect to the ps3 is not thorugh a HDMI cable.

    I heard it is to do with the refresh rate but the ps3 does not have an option to change it.
  8. A lot of the older monitors with DVI ports may not be HDCP compliant. If they are not - then as explained the digitally encrypted HDMI signal will not be able to show on your monitor.
    I have however an older monitor that I setup to play PS2 and Wii, but that uses an external TV card/box. Basically this takes a terrestial TV input, the component video, S-video or composite video (RCA), and outputs to a standard monitor or DVI signal.
    In Hong Kong where I am they are selling for less than US$40.
    I am not sure what resolution the PS3 could output over component cables, but at least you would be able to play it albeit at a lower resolution. Best solution is to upgrade to a HDCP compliant monitor, ideally 24" that can support a full HD signal.
  9. Okay so i have a gigabite mother board and i have a 22" chimei monitor and I am getting the same prompt what should i do again. What is understand is that it can work with older tec like s video but not HDMI bc it is encripted . Please answer so i know if i need to get my money back for this.
  10. for those of you who don't have a compatible monitor take a look at the HD Fury Gamer cable - ive got one can can vouch for the quality - they are excellet - you can use them play on any monitor as long as it supports the res.
  11. hold the ps3 power buttion till you here it beep agen then it restes the video driver and it will change the setings that your moniter recromends....
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