Error code: 0x80070002

Hi guys,

Have you ever run across this error:

"A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error code: 0x80070002."

I get it just after inputing my XP pro password. After this sometimes the pc logs in but most programs don't work at all, my docs folder shows up empty, etc.

the article here:

doesn't really apply to my situation as those keys are not present in my registry and my system drive letter hasn't changed.
However, there's a chance that one of the last things I did before having the problem was increase the amount of my virtual drives from 2 to 4, but never changed c: to something else. In any case I undid that and the problem persists.
I'm worried it could be a hard drive problem as I was able to fix the error once by running a chkdsk /r from recovery console. Evidently it came back and chkdsk is not fixing it anymore, even though it does tell me it found one or more errors.
Safemode doesn't work, it happens on all the user accounts.

I really want to fix this problem even though I don't need to. I have everything backed up and my bigger files are on a diff. partition, so I could just reformat c: which contains only the OS. But it's kind of a challenge. I won't reformat until I get really bored of trying to come up with an actual fix. The other thing is that if it's a HW problem it'll come back after reformatting, and that really sucks.
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