Super Mario Galaxy Review

Review written by Kevin Parrish.

Mario returns, and this time his taking his adventures into outer space and bringing the Wii motion control scheme with him in Super Mario Galaxy. Will gamers want to go along for the ride?
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  1. Kevin,

    Thanks for the review but to be honest it was really a hard read. There were way too many crazy adjectives/adverbs and too much off the topic babble (especially in the first few pages). It seemed like you where more interested in trying to be witty in your writing then actually reviewing the game. In the future you may want to try getting to the point more quickly and focus more on the actual topic/subject matter so you don’t end up losing the reader’s attention.
  2. I didn't find it hard to read as much as I was just confused. After reading the first page, I figured that you didn't like it at all. But after reading the whole thing to the very end I could see that you spent a page saying that it had camera problems, the story is the same old story and that you find 3d platformers hard.

    Otherwise, good read!
  3. OMG, as soon as i get the cash i'll be first in line to get it.
  4. OK...there was way too much text in the article but it was a good effort. Would have been cool to actually add some more action shots and may be some demo video. Just my 2c.
  5. I've always liked the Mario series and as soon as I get around to buying a Wii I'll pick up Mario Galaxy - but after playing it at my buddies I think that Ratchet and Clank has the win in platform games this time around. Camera under user control (except a very few areas) means no hiding behind tree problems for R&C, and the graphics are far beyond either MG or Crash of the Titans.
  6. more pictures :) i am a visual learner :P
  7. just to say, as i first read it, i had a flashback to the jeff gerstmann affair from Gamespot, but thats ok, cuz you guys are supposed to be honest. and i totally agree with you that the story line gets old after a while. but yeah, the rant at the beginning was a little long i think. maybe if it was only a paragraph or so? but thats just my not-so-humble opinion.
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