Upgrading mobo and cpu in old Sony Vaio

Hi all!

I need some advice in upgrading my old Sony Vaio Celeron 466 system. I want to change the motherboard (micro atx) and cpu to a socket A micro atx mobo and athlon xp 1700. What concerns do I have when doing this. The motherboard I am going to buy is the Gigabyte GA-7ZMMH which is micro atx and supports athlon xp. It also supports pc-133 memory which I already have. I imagine I might need a stronger power supply, but are there any other concerns in doing this? I imagine it should be an easy swap of the motherboard and just put all the other stuff back in??

Any advice would be extremely helpful.

Tom Lucca
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  1. Yo T,

    My advice: get a new ATX case & 350 watt(or higher) PSU(read the latest review of PSU's in THWG). For a SD-ram system get a mobo based on the Via KT 133A chipset, I like the MSI K7T Turbo2. Do not buy a faster cpu than the mobo supports. Buy Artic Silver III thermal paste & read it's use & installation instructions on the website. Buy a good HSF, I like the T.I. Dr Thermal TI-V77L-cheap & not too noisy. Reformat your HDD & do a clean install of your OS. Load all your drivers from your new mobo CD, then load the rest of the other device drivers. Good Luck

    Peace Out.............tile

    I wish my imaginary friends could give me better advice
  2. I would also recomment trying to find a mobo that supports DDR ram. PC2100 memory is getting better in price, and the performance difference on the xp is noticable.

    You dont have an <b>ANY</b> key? Your keyboard must not be Windows XP certified...
  3. HI all!

    Thanks for the good input. Im using this system as a second system and networking both together (already have a athlon 2100+ system) so Im trying to do this cheap. Are there any problems with the micro atx motherboards that I should be aware of? The one I listed is about 50 bucks, and with a cpu about 50 bucks that seems the cheapest option, and I dont have to upgrade the case and memory. Trying to keep it simple.

    Any other recommendations?

    Thanks again,
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