Circuit City liquidations begin!

Try going to and you'll be directed to a declaration of liquidation. Go to your circuit city and see what you can get a great deal on. It may even beat some newegg prices?
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  1. aww damn you can't even order from their website. i have no circuit cities anywhere near me.
  2. I went to my local Circuit City and was appalled at the people running around thinking they were getting a great deal.the liquidation company went thru the complete inventory and raised the prices(a employee told me they went and changed every tag the day before the liquidation) so what may look like a great deal @ 20-50% off is actually what you would pay at a best buy or other deals to be found. pathetic!
  3. Yeah, it is like they are bumping the prices up to MRSP and then taking 10-30% off. Basically, you are paying the store's regular price, or if you are lucky what they would have charged had the item been on a regular ad sale.
  4. Went on the first day of liquidation. 1GB of PC3200 RAM for $99 - no joke! Who do they think they are fooling?
  5. matic3060 said:
    Went on the first day of liquidation. 1GB of PC3200 RAM for $99 - no joke! Who do they think they are fooling?

    Most of the general public are not as educated and are easily fooled.
  6. They just lowered many of the prices to 25% off on like LCD TVs and such. And it is still a rip-off for the most part. Oh well... why go to brick and mortar when you can be lazy AND save cash by buying online?
  7. Until their prices match or beat online retailers, there is really no reason to go there.
  8. I heard, and have seen, that the day before they started the liquidation process, they went around to all the high priced stuff and jacked up the price, so that even after they say it is 20% off, it is still just barely at the price they had it at before the "sale" began. I was wondering why it seemed like all the LCD TVs had gone up a little when I checked out their discounts... now I know.
  9. yeah, it is a joke and the liquidators are taking advantage of unknowledgable people and their love of "deals". But, when I went and visited, it was busy and the shelves were half empty... so it is working for them. I just felt bad for everyone looking at the stuff.
  10. same here
  11. Yup that is what they did :non:

    My dad bought all of there backdoor "defective items"...most everything had been fixed under warrantyand so far we have already managed to profit..

    Got myrself a gaming rig around 3-4 pcs and several monitors for me myself and i :D for the low low price of FREEEE
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