Crysis: should I update dhe Graphic Card or just the OS?

I have a AMD Dual Core 4600+, 2 GB Ram DDRII, ATI X1550

Windows XPSP2

I got very low FPs with Crysis on Medium Graphics.
On low graphics it's playable, but graphics look like in every other game.
On medium and high graphics it was wonderful, but very slow to be played.

Heard that DirectX 10 can make this game look better, but DX10 can be used only with vista.
Heard that DirectX10 for XP sucks.

So, any suggestion, please? If I install Vista and directX 10 have I got any chance to play Crysis without changing any hardware?


If I change the Graphic Card only, can my PC handle Crysis with this processor and this operating system?

Or will I never play this game as I want?

Thank you.
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  1. You don't have a DirectX 10 graphics card, so you won't get DX10 effects with your card. Vista would also slow the game down more, meaning it was even less playable.

    Your Gfx card is your biggest issue. Hell, I can't max out crysis with 8800GTX SLi, but that's partly as I run at 2560x1600.

    Crysis needs a gfx card that doesn't exist yet for the best experience.
  2. Forget Windows Vista.

    Just get the best video card you can afford. Of course you can't take advantage of DX10 without Vista.
  3. Thank you guys

    Really can I get Crysis without Vista?
    So, I should change only the graphic card.
    This means my processor is OK?
  4. You will have to have a dual processor so as to not bottle neck your GFX Card.
    I have a 7800gtx 256mb. I have had it for a while now. 2 months ago i had a p4 2.8 cpu... i was running Test Drive Unlimited and the frame rates weren't too high ... I've then updated to a Intel E6550 Duo and now it runs like a dream
    I think of Vista as a nice drink... you have loads of it while you are out and love it.. but then in the morning you wake up and your have a mean hangover....
  5. Your CPU is fine, I would not even think about upgrading that for at least another year to two years. Vista is only something that should be upgraded to if, you want the added features and want the more advanced user interface. It is by no means a necessary upgrade, just a nice upgrade that is good if you can afford it. The performance you will get in vista will be the same if not a little bit lower than WindowsXP so there is no need if you’re a gamer.

    But saying that Vista64 is good if you want some better graphics and have a lot of memory in your system to use. Despite what some people are saying I can notice the difference when playing Crysis in DX10 over playing it in DX9 with the tweaks. But to be honest I think it’s a situation where if you have never played the DX10 version and just use the tweaked DX9 version you will never miss what you have never had.
  6. Thank you very much, cafuddled
  7. You're gonna want at least an x1950 or 7900 to play crysis on ok settings I would say, but I can't really reccomend you get one of those when the 8800GT is available for around 60 or 70 quid more with twice or more the performance.
  8. I totally agree with that. I thoroughly recommend an 8800gt at the least to get Crysis to play at a decent detail and with a decent frame rate.
  9. Yeah. My 8800 GTS SSC edition should be arriving soon, I'll see how it compares to the 8800GTS 320mb...
    (sorry for shouting, just wanted to get the message across)
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