FS: (2) HD4870 512MB ~EXTRA SPICEY~

Two PowerColor HD4870's (I've removed the PC sticker, so they look like OEM cards:)) 512MB. I performed a vmod on them last week, but I have not had a chance to find their new limits. They also both have a modded BIOS flashed with pushes their default speeds up to 800/1100 and pushes up their OCing limits within the CCC, it also has a more aggressive fan control profile...with stock voltage, one of them would run 3DMark03 at 885/1200 the other at 835/1200. They will come in the original boxes with all original accessories.

885/1200 - $210...dropped to $200
835/1200 - $190...dropped to $180
both cards - $380...dropped to $360

Includes shipping anywhere in the shipping will be extra. Payment required via PayPal

Here are some pics:

Below you can see how they'd look in operation...the pots on the right are single turn, and a bit sensitive...but still very easy to modulate, the read-points are on the left of the pots.

Check my heatware here
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