Wii Fitness

Have anyone here heard of Wii Fitness?
I think this is an extremely good game...
I am a sluggish person living in the city.
I don't do any sports at all...
It's time I did something for my health, maybe.
However, I don't have a Wii, and buying one seems expensive...
I am afraid I will give up very soon...

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  1. Wii Fitness is not a game.

    Wii Fitness is part of Wii Sports. Wii Sports is a fun game. Wii Fitness is something you are allowed to do once a day to improve your hand-eye coordination, timing, strength, balance, and other things.

    Usually this comes packaged with a wii.
  2. He is not actually talking about Wii Fitness, but about Wii Fit. Wii Fit is not out yet. It does look kinda cool though. As far as cost goes, the Wii is the cheapest console on the market right now. Now idea how much Wii Fit will cost as you will have to buy the balance board also.
  3. Wii Fitness is the PAL name for Wii Fit.

    And the Japanese think it's worth buying.
  4. Freeseus, sorry to have made you confused.
    Yes, Wii Fitness is another version of Wii Fit, but for European Countries, as mentioned by GreenSpoon and Game_boy.
    I really like this game, as it is enjoyable and good to health.
    The game is genuinely designed to help you keep fit.
    The tasks are not set to be too easy so that you get not only the satisfaction and fun, but also exercises and consumption of excess energy.
    One thing I wonder is that we may rather go to a gym regularly if we are so determined to keep fit.
    I don't think I can improve my health without the endurance to play Wii Fit regularly.
    However, with this endurance, I may get a more comprehensive training at a gym.
  5. I am considering using some of my "more videogames, less bacon" fund to buy this.

    Does the Tom's Hardware audience care at all about this?
  6. Sengoku, my aim is to keep fit, though enjoyment is preferred :]
    Maybe I can set up another more-video-game-and-less-bacon fund to buy Wii Fitness. Having less bacon is also a good way to keep fit XD
  7. This is why I'm embarrassed to own a Wii.
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