WTB 512mb AGP card, preferably ATI


Title says it all, looking for a 512mb AGP card to extend the life of my 5.5 year old desktop another year or so.
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  1. Have you looked at Newegg?

    This link should bring you to all AGP cards that have 512 MB of ram. Be wary of the lower priced ones, though. I would recommend something in the ATi 3650 to 3850 range for decent gaming performance.

    All DVI cards can do VGA out with an adaptor, which is usually supplied with the card. If not, you can pic one up for dollars.
  2. My computer/monitor is old enough that it doesn't know what to do with DVI, even if it has a DVI- VGA adapter. SO, I need a strictly VGA slot, and all the ones at newegg are DVI.
  3. Many of the AGP cards at Newegg have a VGA connector right along side the DVI connector.
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