Buying new game today - Suggestions anyone?

Hey all. I was going to buy a new game today but wasn't sure what to get. I'm really up for anything (action, adventure, FPS, RTS, etc.) I don't play WoW anymore though, so don't suggest it. :D It takes up wayyyyy too much time. (Plus I can't stay up and play until 4AM anymore :p)

I was thinking about C&C3 and Assassin's Creed until I read the review today. I wondered if anyone had experience with C&C3, and if not, what would you suggest as a good, fun game?

Stuff I have already:
Orange Box
BioShock (fantastic single player btw! I'm not sure if I like this or CoD4 single player more.)
*edit* Crysis

I own a lot of others, but that's the newest stuff.
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  1. depending on your rig, crysis?
  2. Added Crysis to my list above. Can't believe I left that one out. :p
  3. Looking at your Rig, Crysis is a good game but you won't be able to max out the graphics. Still, the game's awesome at high details and I'd recommend it.

    I haven't play Gears of War or Unreal Tournament III but I've tried the demos and they are somewhat good.
  4. World in Conflict?
  5. Oh, I don't know how much the game costs but MOD Airborne is a very very very short game (as short as HL ep1) but if the price as gone down then its a pretty good game.
  6. I may try WIC. Gears of War also crossed my mind.
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