Hello and Greetings !! My System & Crysis..

Hey People...

I'm running an AMD Athlon 64 x2 5600+ (dual core) using a 7900gtx with 512mb ram(latest driver), with 2gb of duall channell 400mhz ram... I recently wiped the drive an reinstalled winxp etc...

I'm just wondering what i should be getting from Crysis i understand it's a beast of a game to run and i'm not arguing either as it's clearly the next level of gaming. love the game love the graphics... am running it on normal.. (which was autodetected) but i have just reintalled the amd driver for the processor and the optimizer driver which i had forgot to do until now (haven't tried it again yet).

I've been experiancing some probs with the game not much the rocket launcher dissappears sometimes an can't get it out, also the guys arm sticks out the wrong way an looks broken... but it's pretty playable expect the first patch will probably sort it.

I suppose I'm wondering how i get the most from my system... any pointers on tweaks i should be using would be greatly appreciated.... also i'm thinking of upgrading to a dx10 card... what would you guy's recommend ??


PS will my pc run quicker if i install 64bit software (windows or games) i taught it worked on the principle of processing 64bit chunks of data instead of 32 so in theory it should be quicker but i know how these things are in practice ?
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  1. Jay, you question is everyone's question since no one can get the most of the Crysis right now.

    I recommend to hold tight until the next patch is out, which should be soon enough.

    As for purchasing a new VCard, I'd wait for the new GPU types of Nvidia or ATI because even the current 8800GTX Ultra in SLI mode won't run the game as smooth as some people would want to.
  2. dont use quick save/load, weapons disappearing, going through walls, and alot more problems that you want to avoid.
  3. nice one guys, have been using quick save/load will it stop if i stop ? or is my game ruined for good.
  4. It won't run any quicker with a 64 bit OS and i don't reommend buying a new GPU until ATI and nVidia's next generation of cards get released.
  5. Actually, 64-bit will run faster than 32-bit version. However, make sure you are running 64-bit drivers otherwise you're stuck with 32-bit performance.

    And the difference won't be dramatic with Crysis...but will allow you to use more RAM if you ever put more in your PC.
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