Tradein Old Video Card for Discount

ATI is offering discounts if you trade in your old vid card...

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  1. I think ati has offered that for a long time :)
    I don't think it is worth it though because you can get those cards for much cheaper from other retailers and you don't have to give up your old video card. It's always handy to have an old video card laying around. If your old card is better than a friends card you could give it to him for $30 or something, lol.

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  2. I agree with folken entirely here.

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  3. Well...

    First, unless I'm reading their instructions incorrectly, ATI doesn't require you buy the new card from them. Per the instructions, the UPC should be cut out and mailed back to them... you can buy the new ATI card from any store/dealer. Secondly, I've got an old USB Matrox Rainbow Runner card in a 120mhz motherboard. A long time ago, I paid a lot of money for it and can't imagine slotting that old vid card into a new AMD motherboard. So why not get $50.00? Price = $185.00 - $50.00 = $135.00... that's quite a savings. AND I get 50 rocks for an aged vid card circa 1994?

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  4. "... and have purchased an applicable card from the ATI store."
    Fine print on the credit form.

    I got my AIW 9800 from zipzoomfly, free second day shipping for $250. ATI is selling the same for $300 with free shipping. After you pay to ship your old card to ATI, they will then refund your card $50. So you don't actually save any money, yet you have to go through a hassle with forms and rebates and shipping and have to give up your old card. ATI will throw in their Home Theater software for free though... a reported $39.99 value.

    Pretty lame offer.
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