2 Cheap $135 each 8800gts 512mb!!!

i'm selling two 8800gts 512mb's for $135(Changed to $100!!) each on amazon. i used them in SLI and now i'm upgrading to a gtx285. Both of them are OEM, NO BOX OR ACCESORIES!! you don't nessesarily need the accesories, but i'm selling them cheap to make up for it. here are the links...
EVGA 8800gts 512mb:
BFG 8800gts 512mb OC:

Just one of these can play crysis on medium/high and fallout 3 perfectly and SLI'ed they can play crysis on high no problem. I've never seen a game that i can't play on ultra high exept for crysis. Exellent value and performance!!!
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  1. I doubt you will be able sell them at that price.

    Did you bother to look what these are selling for NEW,on newegg or even Fleabay
  2. what is your suggested price?
    newegg is not selling them and the lowest price on amazon is 150
  3. Well, considering you can get a 9800GT starting at around $110-$120 and a 9800GTX starting around $150, I would say you need to drop your price to atleast $100, if not less.

    Now, I will tell you that you will make more money on Ebay than you will here. People here are pretty informed on performance/cost and aren't willing to shell out the same amount as a brand new card that is going to be a bit better.
  4. The 8800GTS is an awesome card as I have one myself and I absolutely love it. Nevertheless, basket has a good point that they should be priced lower than the newer cards. And yes, you will most likely get more on ebay. Good luck.
  5. Oh yeah, the 8800 GTS is a great card... if I didn't have some other parts on the way, I would probably make the OP a reasonable offer.

    Who knows, though... the OP might find a person looking for a match to their single card and be able to charge a good price. I didn't realize they were already becoming a rarity (newegg and tigerdirect have none).
  6. Thanks guys. I'll drop the price to 100
  7. SOLD!!!
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