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Additional Notes:

- Each resolution would be Native to the screens. (ie. 1400x900 on a 19inch wide screen monitor, and 1900x1200 on a 24inch wide screen monitor)

- This is purely for gaming! Yes I know 1900x1200 offers superior desktop space.
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  1. Depends, 4X AA would make everything fuzzy but 1900X1200 would make everything a little bit jagged. It all really depends on what your preference is. Why not go for a happy medium and go 1680X1050 with 2X AA. I play games at 1680X1050 with no AA and I find that fine, it’s not like I cant run games with AA enabled either I just choose not too as I regard the extra frame rates more important than a slightly noticeable in some situations more smooth image.
  2. Voted for 1440x with 4AA. I'd be better of with a higher image quality than just higher resolution
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