2 New Western Digital 640gb and New in box Antec900 case

Id like to sell two new OEM Western Digital drivers, they are the 640gb 16mb cache 7200pm AAKS series. These are 640gb ones, benchmarks show that these are the fastest 7200rpm drives out there, and in RAID they are insane.

I am selling one or two as a package and am asking 70.00 a piece + shipping

I am also selling NEW IN BOX Antec 900 nine hundred case 80.00 + shipping.

I can be reached at support @ 3iiidesign . com
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  1. Are these still available? (the hdds i mean lol)
  2. Yes drives are still available, feel free to email me as well
  3. Keep in mines those HDs are probably really 600gb as WD is known for using a different method of what a gig really is.

    WD = 1000mbs = 1gig
    Windows = 1024mbs = 1gig

    ~Death Dream~
  4. Thanks for the info death, but im aware of this already [: I hate that hdd manufactures advertise that its 1tb for instance when in reality its not because of how they perceive the size of a gig is..
    pm sent btw
  5. havnt received any messages you can
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