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Hi there, I have a gift card for barnes and noble and there's also a 10% thing going on with promo codes, so i was gonna pick up a new game for my pc. I could buy: gears of war, call of duty 4, unreal tournament III, orange box.

Now, I can play the gears single player because i borrowed a friend's. Is it worth buying to play multi?
I have cod4 for ps3, but that's at home and I'm in college, so... I don't know if it's worth it.
I've heard good and bad things about Unreal III, your opinions?
Finally, again, I can borrow a friend's key to play orange box, just not at the most convenient times. Worth it?

What do you guys think? or any other suggestions?
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  1. CoD4 and the Orange Box are both worth. As far as value is concerned, you can't beat the Orange Box. 5 game, but I personally bought it for TF2, which is absolutely fabulous. CoD4 is stellar as well (outside of the SecuROM issues I'm having).

    Don't know squat about Unreal III cause I don't have time to play it with my TF2 and CoD4 playing. Gears of War looks awesome, but I think that you'll get the best multiplayer experience from one of the other 3 games. I've also heard issues with the matchmaking system for Gears of War, so finding a multiplayer game may be difficult.
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