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Anybody know what the connectors of that are connected to the 49-way Joysticks on the Jamma Harness called? I know they are 13 pin but I have no clue who manufacturers these. I want to build a Jamma harness for both a Sportstation (NFL Blitz/NBA Showtime), and a Gauntlet Dark Legacy machine but I don't know what kind of connectors were used on the original. To link up these connectors the harness uses adapters to hook up both female ends of these types of connectors.

Anybody out there know what kind of connectors and adapters they use? Thank you

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  1. I buy my joystick parts from Happ Controls. Is this the joystick you are referring to:


    If it is the correct joystick, call Happ's parts department (888-289-4277), they should be able to help you.

    Digitally yours,

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