Doom 3 wont load any other maps but first one.

Everytime I play doom3 on windows vista 64-bit ultimate I can play through the very first level(until the elevator) then it loads the next map and as soon as it is done it takes me to the main menu screen. I tried loading maps via the console and it does the same thing. Anyone have any clue on how to fix this? or does it not just support windows vista/64 bit?
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  1. do you have the game patched to current version?
    1.3.1 I think it is.

    The game should work fine under vista 64, I played it all the way through without a hitch.
  2. yeah i have it to the latest version. It seems that I can load any map I want but just not while I am already in one. I have to be in the main menu in order to load it. So it is fine i guess. It still wont progressively load me through them though.
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