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Ok, I've checked through the archives and tried to find something that would help me out, I've tried things, and I'm finally resorting to asking the gods of hardware for some help.

I bought a Shuttle AK32 and an Athlon XP2000 to put in it. I've got a HiVision 300W power supply 512DDR memory and a GeForce4Ti to go with it. My first time 'chipping' a motherboard but it went easy enough. Now here comes the problem. I hit the power switch, the fans start up, the drive spins... no video. There's no beeps, no nothing. It just purrs along with fans running not giving any indication of what's wrong.

I was worried about my power supply not being enough, so i disconnected the GeForce4Ti and replaced it with an old PCI video card I had. I unplugged all other system fans and only plugged the hard drive in the power supply. I even replaced the memory with a 64mb SDRam stick i had laying around. Now I've got the most simple setup in the world: AK32, XP2000, 300W psu, hard drive, 64mb memory, PCI video card. I know the memory is good, i know the video card is good, the hard drive is also good. That leaves the XP2000, the motherboard and the psu... the three pieces i know the least about. The 300w psu i'm using worked hours before with a 1.4Ghz athlon on another board. I also tried an extra 300w power supply i had from another machine and got the exact same behavior.

here's my questions:
I've seen some other posts with *similar* problems that were solved by getting a new power supply. I don't want to get a new one and find out I still have this problem, so I'm waiting for someone to suggest that it might be my problem before I try it. Would more power help?

Is it possible the XP2000 is doa? i have no idea what it would look like if it was, so i'm asking.

Is the board doa? again, i'd have no idea what indications it would give me if it was.

If anyone can chime in here and help me out I'd *greatly* appreciate it as I'm 100% stuck right now.

-- Wynns
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  1. - After the fans start spinning Try pressing reset. Some systems will "wake up".

    - Try clearing the CMOS memory.

    - If you think you have a PSU issue then disconnect all the drives and remove the video card and any PCI cards. Try starting the system. You should get beep tones, a long and two short (I think those are the tones) meaning a video issue (of course). If you get these tones then your CPU and motherboard are probably OK.

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  2. Great tips!!! Thanks a ton, I've already tried clearing the CMOS and that doesn't seem to do it. But removing the video card alltogether to check the board/chip is something i hadn't thought of. I'm excited to give this a try, thanks for the help!

    -- Wynns
  3. Yo W,

    Try pulling the mobo out the case to rule out a mobo grounding issue. No beeps in my limited experience has indicated either mobo or cpu(or mobo speaker leads not plugged in). If it was the Ram or video card there are beep codes for that. It would be great if you could install your XP cpu in another mobo to rule it out as well.

    If you can RMA this mobo, Shuttle is coming out with a new version of this mobo with the much better Via KT266A chipset, called the AK32A. It is going to be the best combo/dual ram mobo. With the KT266(like your mobo) chipset, you will not see a performance gain by using DDR memory. In fact a KT133A chipset mobo with SD-Ram will out perform your mobo with DDR in it & be more stable too. The new AK32A will change all of that. The new AK32A mobos should be released next week.

    Peace Out...............tile

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