Can i use the Sims 1 "Makin' Magic" with the Sims 2?

I want to add Makin Magic to my Sims 2 game i just installed (i am new to this, but want to learn). But i found an old Makin Magic game and was wondering if it would work! Thank you all.

-Henry :??:
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  1. I very much doubt that the Sims2 will support add-ons for the Sims1. As far as I know, the Sims2 uses a completely new game engine, and Sims1 add-ons will not work with the Sims2.
  2. No. Rumors at EA say that the core Sims team is working on Sims 3, and that Will Wright's team is tied up with spore.

    A new Making Magic type expansion almost certainly exists as a design proposal, given EA's expansion happy style, but nothing concrete has been announced yet.
  3. it'll never work, not in a million years (without some frankly extraordinary programming)
  4. thanks guys =)
  5. hey umm it probly wouldnt work because like they would have to make a Sims 2 makin magic which they havnt. because like the very first sims that they made and then theres a whole line of the sims 1 series. but then theres likt th sims 2 and its whole series and now theres a sims 3 .

    Hope this helped.

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